SENATOR MIAN RAZA RABBANI As the State of Pakistan stumbles from one uncertainty to another in the power machination of its ruling elite, I deem it a historical necessity to go to the roots and call upon the Farmers, Peasants, Laborers, Workers, Artisan, Folk Singers, Shopkeepers, Clerks, Students, Teachers, Intellectuals, Writer, Journalists, Political Workers, […]

Fundamental Rights in Pakistan

Prof. Ijaz Khan   The constitution of Pakistan guarantees ‘Fundamental Rights to all its citizens. The state of Pakistan is party to a number of International Treaties regarding Human Rights, which include a Covenant on Civil and Political Rights including the various treaties dealing with particular Rights like CEDAW about women’s Rights, Racial Discrimination Convention, […]

Fundamental Rights and Balochistan

  Faiza Mir    Ever since Pakistan has come into existence, it has been the cause of many grievances.  Sometimes the threat of foreign attack looms over the frontiers or the political system with in the country is under attack. No individual can safeguard his legal and social interests on account of autocracy preponderance. Pakistan […]

Wishful Thinking

C. Rufin Many years go I used to believe that I could Have, Do and Be, anything I wanted to. I trusted my heart and mind, legs and limbs, very much, then. With this self-assurance, I wrote a few wishes on a piece of paper that I wanted to come true at different stages of […]

Culture of Fundamental Rights in Pakistan

 Junaid Qaiser It is a sad fact that a human rights culture has not developed in Pakistan. Pakistan’s human rights record is generally regarded as poor by domestic and international organizations. These organizations’ reports accuse the Pakistani state of continuing to turn a blind eye to the spread of a culture of gross human rights […]

Fundamental Rights in Gilgit-Baltistan

PEER MUHAMMAD   The Autonomy Order of 2009 bestowed seventeen fundamental rights to citizens of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB). This could be regarded as a step forward towards attaining full rights as citizens of Pakistan. Was this window of opportunity fully utilized? Peer Muhammad has scrutinized the performance of the GB Legislative Assembly.   The Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative […]

Institutional Design to Protect Rights

  Zafarullah Khan Ostensibly Pakistan is a federal governance structure but practically there are six distinct governance zones. The system of governance in FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas), PATA (Provincially Administered Tribal Areas), Gilgat-Baltistan, Federal Capital Islamabad, 43 cantonments is different from rest of Pakistan. Within these governance zones the urban-rural divide remains as another […]