Where is the coherent planning approach?

Zafarullah Khan Ideally the constitution provides vision and direction, population census accurate data to feed in evidence based futuristic planning and the National Finance Commission (NFC) constitutionally determines equitable federal-provincial share in resources. Having heard popular maxim ‘first things first’, what will be an effective order of these things to develop a coherent development model? […]

First-ever Social Sciences Expo

Social Sciences Expo-2016 would prove as great milestone in promoting Social Sciences in Pakistan. In Pakistan during last many years, disciplines related to science, technology, engineering have received the majority of investment and support from government, universities, etc., while these subjects are no doubt important, the importance of social sciences should not be ignored. These […]

Determining Pakistani Gene

The cry of liberty, fraternity and equality which was raised during your [French] Great Revolution and officially adopted by your great Republic [France] had its repercussions throughout the world as is known to every student of history. These ideals and these principles are still buoying up the hopes of many downtrodden nations. Quaid-i-Azam’s remarks at […]

Changing culture in the House of Federation-The Senate of Pakistan

Since March 2015, one hundred and four wise-men politically known as ‘the Senators’ start their every session on time ignoring the formalities of the quorum and adjourn their sitting only after completing the entire agenda for the given day. Logic is to do maximum possible justice with the bestowed ‘right to represent’ the federating units […]

Islamabad Resolve-2016

Adopted at annual National Conference on Narratives for rights based Pakistani future, January 2016 We the peace loving citizens with our unwavering faith in our prosperous federal-democratic future salute the civic courage of 50,000 plus citizens and citizens-in-uniform who paid the highest humanly possible price to sustain Pakistani dream. We particularly acknowledge the unsung heroes […]

Of culture of constitutionalism

I. A. Rehman   There is no culture of constitutionalism in Pakistan, and this is the biggest cause of the country’s failure to establish an enduring system of democratic governance. A culture of constitutionalism can briefly be defined as a political creed, voluntarily followed by the custodians of state power, the parties /elements in opposition […]

Culture of Constitutionalism

Dr Syed Jaffar Ahmed While a constitution embodies the terms of the social contract which the people of a country become a part of, constitutionalism represents the manner in which a constitution is implemented, accepted, responded to, and made use of in the society. Moreover, while the merit of a constitution lies in how appropriately […]

Pakistan’s Constitution: A Story of Betrayal

Hussain Naqi The betrayal of the rights of citizens has been the culture of constitutionalism in Pakistan since the country’s inception. The leading (sic.) role of depriving citizens of rule of law, after independence from colonial rule, was played by the civil-military dominated establishment in connivance with clerics and judiciary, at the highest level, which […]

Identity, Religion and the Constitution

Muhammad Badar Alam Political systems are defined by the theories they are based on, as much as the quality and/or the nature of political practices in those systems. The difference between political theory and political practices explains why two sates based on the same political premise may still have political systems unlike each other. Saudi […]

Culture of constitutionalism in Pakistan

Wajahat Masood It was fortunate that by the time the British Crown assumed the direct control of India in 1858, the Great Britain had scaled a larger part of her journey into constitutionalism. In fact, Britain was considered foremost among the nations of Europe as far as broader features of governance were concerned. The very […]