UNDP-AHKRC Joint Consultation on KPK Local Government Bill

Consensus achieved on Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Bill 37% of the total provincial budget would be allocated to the LG bodies: Speaker KPK Assembly PESHAWAR, Oct 30: Election at the Village and Neighbourhood Council level may be held on party basis. District Finance Commission should be constituted to decentralize the fiscal distribution of revenue. A formula-based […]

Local governance for Islamabad

Azam Khan   The local government system for Islamabad has long been a demand of citizens of the federal capital. The bureaucratic setup failed to deliver for the last two decades. Through discriminatory and preferential treatment, the bureaucratic setup further deepened the grueling gap between elite and middle class of this city.   So far, […]

Time to amend Article-140A

Islamabad: An independent Senator form Punjab, Muhammad Mohsin Khan Leghari tabled a private member constitutional amendment bill on August 26, 2013 in the Senate of Pakistan to address the periodicity and deadline predictability deficit in the Article 140-A of the Constitution. Following is the text of the proposed constitutional amendment. Introduced on 26-8-2013 in the […]

Punjab: Issue of Democratic Decentralization

Salman Abid The people of Pakistan are faced with numerous problems today including poverty, terrorism, corruption, and unemployment as well as issues related to education, health, urbanization and local rural and urban issues. These common national issues cannot be tackled without simultaneous action and response at the local and provincial levels. Local democracy means giving […]


Naseer Memon It was only after the intervention of the Supreme Court, hopes for the revival of Local Governments have rekindled. So far three provinces have completed legislation on local government laws and the law in KP is on anvil. With a wide margin of socio-political diversity, each province is applying its own priorities and […]