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Beyond Borders: bridging the North-South divide for Sustainable Development Goals

Exploring the North-South divide, particularly, how institutions and global expansion have kept colonial values at the centre of it. Institutions and global expansion have always kept colonial ideologies at the heart of it. Exploring the North-South divide and its impact on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals there is a need to address the control of knowledge, resource and vulnerable position of the South that is often exploited. 

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Unveiling the Invisible: Pakistan’s Data Gap 

With only seven years before Pakistan must meet its Vision 2030, it seems there is a hindrance to its path. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires reliable data that is not only gender inclusive but accounts for other marginalized groups to be included to create holistic solutions to the country’s growing problems. Currently, Pakistan ranks at 128/166 to achieve the SDGs. 

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Communicating Though Cartoons

Editors Note

As Pakistan celebrates 76 years of independence, there are milestones to celebrate and actions to condemn. The journey to achieving the Pakistan that was dreamt of in 1947 remains tough. Today, Pakistan ranks 128th in the Sustainable Development Goals Index. From lack of inclusion to a need for grassroots-level democracy, Citizens Wire aims to serve as a knowledge base for the Sustainable Development Goals in Pakistan. Lifting the voices of the youth through media publications, we hope to raise awareness and contribute towards achieving Vision 2030. Access to our written publications, videos and SDGs legislative knowledge base can be found on the website. For any further information please contact us at: