SDG 3, or Sustainable Development Goal 3, is one of the 17 global goals set by the United Nations to address pressing global challenges by 2030. SDG 3 focuses on “Good Health and Well-being” and aims to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. It encompasses several key targets, including reducing maternal mortality, ending preventable deaths of newborns and children under five, combating major diseases, and ensuring access to essential healthcare services for everyone. SDG 3 also underscores the importance of mental health and aims to provide universal health coverage, ensuring that nobody suffers financial hardship due to healthcare expenses. Achieving SDG 3 is critical for building a sustainable and equitable world.

Below is the information regarding international legislation Pakistan is a signatory to and where SDG 3 focused constitutional provisions can be found in the 1973 Constitution.

International Legislation

• Right to life [UDHR art. 3; ICCPR art. 6], [CEDAW art. 12] and [CRC art. 6]  

• Right to health [UDHR art. 25; ICESCR art. 12], [CEDAW art. 12]; and [CRC art.24]  Special protection for mothers and children [ICESCR art.10]  

• Right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its application [UDHR art. 27; ICESCR art. 15(1)(b)]  International cooperation [UDHR art. 28, DRtD arts. 3-4], particularly in relation to the right to health and children’s rights [ICESCR art. 2(1); CRC art. 4]

Constitution of Pakistan

• Article 9

• Article 25(3)

• Article 38(d